“FestiFools 3 minutes to FestiFame!” Enter a 3 Minute Video or a 3 photo/300 word Photo Essay to be posted on the aldente canoodler and it is your ticket to International FestiFame!  In addition, 3 Lucky Fools will win one of 3 downright amazing prizes.



First Prize (must be present to win): YOU can be the FOOL to don the FestiFettuccine Crown in Ann Arbor’s most outrageous FestiFool Parade on April 5, 2009 at 4:00 on Main Street. (drawing at 3:00 at Cafe Zola).  We’ll keep drawing until someone is present.

Second Prize (not necessary to be present) : over $300 worth of gift certificates to food purveyors who proudly carry Al Dente Pasta: Arbor Farms, Busch’s, Fresh Seasons, Heavenly Metal, Hillers, Knights, Monahans Seafood, Peoples Food Co-Op, Plum Market, Produce Station, Sparrow’s, Stadium Market, Village Corner, Wenks, Whole Foods, Zingerman’s Deli, , Zingerman’s Roadhouse.

Third Prize (not necessary to be present): 3 bags of Al Dente Pasta and 3 jars of Monique’s Sauce shipped to you for 3 months.

The FestiRules that are NOT meant to be Broken:

All submissions must be submitted no later than April 3rd.
Videos cannot exceed 3 minutes
Photo essays cannot be more that 3 photos and 300 words.
All entries must include a bag of Al Dente Pasta and/or Monique’s Sauce in the submission.
Recipes are appreciated but not mandatory.
All entries must be appropriate for all ages.
You can submit as many entries as you would like. (each entry equals one chance)
You are encouraged to publicize the contest and the event.
You should direct people to the blog and your post. We will be able to let you know how many hits your post receives. This is where your competitive spirit can enter in.


Drawing will take place at 3:00 exact at Café Zola on April 5th, 2009, one hour before the FestiFools Parade.   You must be present to win the FestiFettuccine Crown. We will continue to draw until we get to a person who is present.

You do not have to be present for 2nd or 3rd prize,-we will contact you if you win
Drawing will be documented. Each submission is equal to one chance.

Other than the FoolsRules, there are no Rules!!! Have fun! We will be posting the entries here as they come in.

For video submissions: upload video to YouTube and send us the link.

For photo-essays: sent via email to wendy@toolshed.biz.

If you have any additional questions about submitting your entry, contact wendy@toolshed.biz

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