I admit that I horde my duck confit. Other than salt, it’s the only thing that I bring back from France. With only one can left in my pantry, I wasn’t sure what occasion would ever merit opening it. And, since my priority is always sharing with as many people as possible, I needed to figure out a way to stretch the duck confit. Then it dawned on me………serve the duck confit with pasta and use it as our Christmas Day dinner. What a way to end the decade. It was SO good. We’ve agreed that it will be our new tradition. Luckily, I am going to France in February to restock the pantry.

Fathers and Daughters: Sharing the Love, the Pasta and the Duck Confit

Dennis and Theresa Deschaine

Jim and Sophie Kruz

I didn’t have time to document the step-by-step on preparing this dish, but trust me, there is nothing more simple. After my trip to France, secure with a new stash of duck confit, I promise to create lots of pasta dishes. It really is the best way to stretch this incredible delicacy and I will be certain to write out the recipe each time, in great detail. In the meantime, here is a general idea of how I made this dish. You can easily make a one bag batch if feeding a smaller group.

Al Dente Pasta with Duck Confit and Wild Mushrooms
Serves 12
2 bags Al Dente Pasta (either Egg or Wild Mushroom Fettuccine)
1 can Duck Confit (6 thighs)
1 large onion
1 lb. mushrooms, the wilder the better!

Lift the duck out of the fat. Be sure to save the remaining fat and store in freezer or refrigerator to use for frying potatoes! In a skillet, heat the duck over medium high heat until the skin is crispy and the fat has been rendered. ( Remember the duck is already cooked). Remove the duck from the skillet and use some of the duck fat to saute the onion and mushrooms. Pull the duck meat from the bones and shred. Combine with mushrooms. Cook Pasta for 3 minutes and toss with duck. Garnish with lots of parsley. Savor every bite!

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