Chef Efrain in Pasta Action
Chef Efrain in Action

Not just any pasta, but Al Dente’s Farm and Field Organic Pasta with braised pork, fennel and white truffle oil. Not just any old pig, but The Blind Pig.  Not a little piggie, but the Whole Hog. Not a predictable, know-what-will-be-in-store-for you restaurant, but Clandestino Underground Supper Club. Not a peruse-the-menu-before-committing, but Chef Efrain’s last minute inspiration of what is local, seasonal, and cutting-edge.

Al Dente Farm and Field Pasta with Braised Pork, Fennel and Truffle Oil
Al Dente Pasta with Braised Pork, Fennel and Truffle Oil

On May 8th, I will be co-hosting with a lively cast of characters, a dinner that combines everything I love-art, food and music; old friends, new friends and people I don’t even know; creativity, improvisation and energy. By the very nature of an Underground Supper Club, I am not at liberty to reveal the location of next week’s dinner, but I can give a few hints. If you’ve read the history of how I started Al Dente Pasta, you know what an important role The Blind Pig, in Ann Arbor,  played in my life. And, you will notice in an article on the history of The Blind Pig that Jerry Delgiudice, founder of world renowned Blind Pig Records, lives and works in Chicago. That’s all I can say right now.

Monique with Wonderful Clandestino Volunteers

On the other hand, I don’t have to keep everything a secret. As soon as I showed Efrain the venue I had in mind, he went hog wild in creating a menu using every part of the pig except the oink.  When we told Jerry that Clandestino dinners always include elements of music and art, he turned us on to Guy King, a rising star musician. For art, he suggested Al Brandnter, a prolific artist who created the illustration of Muddy Waters for the Blind Pig Record Album. Perfect, as everything in this collaboration has been.

Now for my experiment to see how many people found this interesting enough to read to the end: Answer one or more of the following questions in the form of a comment on this post, for a chance or chances to win a gift box including a Clandestino Apron, 3 Bags of Al Dente Organic Pasta Duets, a bag of Coffee Express coffee beans, and CD’s from Guy King and  Blind Pig Records. Offer good only in the U.S.  Each correct answer equals one entry.

Questions: Where was Guy King born? What is the name of the person who started the The Blind Pig with Jerry in 1972. How many minutes does it take to cook Al Dente Pasta?  Who is the photographer who took these pictures. In which city is Clandestino Supper Club.

The drawing will be documented on June 3rd at which time winner will be announced.

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