This is an idea for the easiest, most collaborative party idea you’ve ever heard of! The reason it qualifies under the category of a “3 in 3” recipe, is because the soup base really is done in 3 minutes and you can limit yourself to just 3 ingredients from the soup bar.

Look at what I made

Here is how the idea for this party developed. My friends and I wanted to have a fundraiser for FLY.

For our party, Marcy Vandertuig, had the brilliant idea to translate the experience of FLY’s Art Bar………………

FLY Art Bar

into an adult version of Soup and Salad Bar!

My idea of fun!

So, here’s how we did it.We made a huge pot of soup just by opening up a jar of Monique’s Sauce, as the base. In this case I used the Luscious Leek and Sun Dried Tomato, but have done it with Rustic Roasted Garlic and Marinara. You simply add an equal amount of water or broth and voila!

Tomato Soup Base

1 jar Monique’s Sauce

equal amount of water or broth

That’s It!

(I put the water or broth right in the jar and swish it around so that nothing is wasted)

Everyone brought ingredients to put on the soup bar.

peas, corn, sauteed zucchini, assorted grated cheese, sliced cooked sausage, chorizo, crumbled bacon, cooked, lima beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, sauteed mushrooms and the list went on and on. I put a pot of cooked pasta on the stove with a little sauce, for the people who wanted to add noodles to their soup.

Definitely, the easiest party idea ever!

 Just found out that the FLY fundraiser was VERY successful! It gave Ruth the courage to get a wonderful space on State Circle, across from the Scrap Box, where she can host camps and classes. Yeah!


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