It’s always a hard call for me as to whether or not to eat pasta at a restaurant. If it’s a combination that I would have never thought of, I’ll do it. Or if it’s a shape that we don’t make, I’ll go for it. So, while in New York visiting my kids there was a dish that fit all the above categories and it made us all very, very happy. At Recette we treated ourselves to an amazing Fresh Cut Spaghetti with Sweet Shrimp, Stewed Tomatoes, Chili, and Sea Urchin.

I always say that my favorite part of having my own company has to do with the people I get to meet and the pasta we get to eat. Finding ways to combine business with pleasure is, in fact, pleasure. My friend Thalia had suggested I contact her son’s friend, Alma who has an amazing thing going called Take Back the Kitchen. To say that Alma and I hit it off, is an understatement. In the very near future you will see the fruits of our new friendship, in the form of a video, so stay posted.

Alma and I and 2 of her 4 adorable kids

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