No kidding. On September 17th, many of us around the country set out to prove that good food does not have to be expensive food, like Kristin Cole, my good friend in Chicago. Promising a pasta dinner for 8 without spending more than $40, she came in at an impressive $38 and it was delicious! Now, look what’s happening with the Slow Food $5.00 Pasta Challenge. There’s a huge movement started and we are proud to be part of it!

The Menu

-Grilled eggplant rounds with tomato, mint and parmiggiano bruschetta ($10)

-Al Dente® Whole Wheat and Spinach Fettuccine with spicy sausage, wild bitter greens and ricotta ($20)

-Vanilla ice cream with cinnamon roasted figs, balsamic and sea salt ($8)

Al Dente Pasta with Sausage and Wilted Greens
-finely chop an onion and saute with 2 garlic cloves (whole, unpeeled) in an oil/butter mixture
-remove from pan and add filling from four italian pork sausages (2 spicy, 2 plain). Break into smaller pieces and brown.
-remove from pan and add chopped wild greens or kale or spinach. Pour in about 1/4 c white wine. Cover and braise for 3-4 min.
-add onion and sausage back in and stir to create a sauce. Add juice from 1/2 lemon and zest. Remove garlic cloves.
-cook one bag of Al Dente Whole Wheat and one bag Spinach fettuccine in boiling, salted water. Test after 3 minutes and transfer pasta to sauce.
Combine well and add about 1 c. of whole milk ricotta to create a creamy consistency.
Grate lemon zest. Season with salt and pepper
-serve and enjoy!

My new friends take home pasta, and Kasey of Culinary Creations promises to send me her recipes to share.


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