Carmen is Al Dente’s new and exciting PR rep on U of M’s college campus!  She will be writing press releases on what Al Dente is up to, recipes that are easy to make for students on a college budget, and her exploration and discoveries with Al Dente in general.  This is her first introductory piece and we can’t wait to hear more.  Make sure to check back and see what’s new with Carmen and Al Dente in the upcoming weeks!

Al Dente Series: Part 1 

Picture beautiful ribbons of Italian tradition, a canvas on which a masterpiece of color and flavor can be designed. I mean, who doesn’t love pasta? Of course, there are people who love answering rhetorical questions for fun and would simply reply, “I don’t!”

Thankfully, for pasta lovers and skeptics alike, I am starting a series that explores the world of pasta, particularly in its best form: Al Dente. As perfectly prepared as possible. We are fortunate to have the Ann Arbor based Al Dente Pasta, a company whose creativity is unbounded, as seen in pasta varieties such as squid ink fettuccine and spicy sesame linguini.

In this series, I will report all the latest and local happenings at Al Dente. I’ll even post step-by-step recipes of delicious dishes, so you can enjoy a taste of Italy in your own home. Keep on the lookout for future posts! If you’re not completely in love with pasta yet, you definitely will be sooner than you think.



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