Ahhh. If only every small town USA had the plethora of amazing food stores that bless the people living in Ann Arbor. I will say, however, there was a real void in the downtown area. Until Babo opened, that is. So super cool. Love the logo, the window dressing, the signage and the products! Not sure where students without a car did their grocery shopping BB (Before Babo), but now there is a place for them and all the others who live or work downtown.

Babo hosts great events, too. Tonight is a wine tasting and they’re expecting over 100 people. I am making my Spicy Sesame LinguineIt’s one of my 3 in 3 recipes. Three ingredients in just 3 minutes!  Perfect for students or anyone in a hurry. I found all the ingredients I needed at the store: Al Dente Pasta, Garbanzo Beans, Broccoli, Almonds, Asian Dressing.

Paired with a Gewürztraminer and you are all set for a party!

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