Every now and then I fantasize that Al Dente is a really BIG company with a really BIG budget and that I could do a really BIG and proper launch of our new BonaChia™ Pasta. Advertising and press releases announcing “Al Dente Pasta Company-first in world to put the ancient grain and uber nutritious chia seed into pasta.”  Anyway, we aren’t a big company with a big budget. That’s why people like Peggy Lampman, people who write and talk about their latest food discoveries, are so important to small producers like Al Dente Pasta. Check out Peggy’s recipe using BonaChia™ Spinach Fettuccine and what she has to say about it. I think she likes it!

So now you know. We are counting on you and can use everyone’s help in our word-of-mouth promotional efforts. Let us know where you spot BonaChia™Pasta. Let us know how you like it. Thanks to everyone who has ever bought a bag of Al Dente Pasta. You are why we are in business after 30 years.


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