Yesterday at the factory we were brainstorming possible new recipes to use with our nutritious BonaChia™ pasta.  Nanette had the great idea to do a BonaChia™ breakfast noodle kugel.  “What a great way to start your morning!” she said.  To really boost the antioxidants and to incorporate a seasonal ingredient, and Karen suggested a blueberry sauce.   Thanks Nanette and Karen, what a great idea.  I’ve never made blueberry sauce.  Googled it and came up with a recipe of Ina Gartens.  I used our carmelized noodle kugel recipe in small ramkins.  They baked in just 30 minutes and didn’t heat up my kitchen.  Would be great for weekend guests, or to have in the fridge for a great start to your morning.  Enjoy!

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