I have these visions: They always include people. They always involve pasta. This particular one was a doozy, even by my “everything is possible” standards. That’s because my idea was to host a cooking class/party for my kids and 20 of their friends. The cooking part would not be a problem. With my 3in3 pasta recipes, it’s ridiculous how many dishes I can whip up in an hour. The issue was figuring out where we could have our party.

Jessica Warren’s Fort Green Mansion To The Rescue

My daughter had been telling me about her friend’s mother who had the most amazing home in Brooklyn. Theresa (my daughter) assured me that Jessica (Sophia’s mother)Β  was “just like me” and would have no problem opening up her home to use for our party. In fact, it’s a bed and breakfast, so she is accustomed to having strangers in her home!

Before my guests could say 1.. 2.. 3in3- I was wowing them with my tricks of the trade. Like cooking the vegetables right along with the pastaΒ in the same pot. (Great idea for young people in small kitchens without a lot of cooking equipment). They loved all the recipes: pasta with arugula, feta and sundried tomatoes: pasta with spinach, tuna and capers: pasta with asparagus, lemon, ricotta and pinenuts: pasta with roasted peppers, black beans and corn: pasta with cucumber, peas and mint.

This was the grande finale dish where I put in a bowl all the leftover ingredients: spinach, roasted peppers, ricotta, golden raisins, black olives, toasted almonds, salt, pepper and a little olive oil. You could call this one a 6in3.

I cooked up our new BonaChia Spinach Fettuccine. Before draining the pasta, I always use another trick of the trade. I ladled out a bit of the wonderful, hot, starchy cooking water and stirred it into the spinach. Then tossed the hot pasta with it all.

Everyone left the party inspired and they have been sharing their 3in3 inventions with me right and left. That was part of my vision and it all came true!

(Thanks to Nick for documenting our party)





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