Here is something I would have NEVER thought of on my own. It’s also the reason I love having interns of a younger generation in my life. Hmm? Dying pasta blue with food coloring? Not sure how I feel about that,  but never one to squelch creativity, I told Danica to “go for it”.
So,  here is what Danica did with our Egg Fettucine.  After dying the pasta blue she tossed it with white corn, red peppers and grape tomatoes and a bottled vinaigrette dressing- and official Red, White and Blue Pasta Salad.
I will be “dying” to hear what you think of this idea so definitely take a second to comment here and/or on facebook. Don’t forget, on the 3rd of every month we hold our 3 for Free drawing where we randomly draw a winner from our facebook/twitter friends. In addition to the 3 pastas, maybe we should include a packet of food coloring. What do you think?

Add 6-8 drops of blue food dye to pasta in boiling water.

Stir to saturate the pasta with color.

While pasta is cooking, dice the red pepper

or quarter the grape tomatoes.

Place frozen white corn in colander.

When the pasta is finished cooking, drain over the corn.

Transfer to bowl, add red pepper (or tomatoes), toss with dressing and enjoy!

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