BonaChia Fettuccine going into the boiling water

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people hardest hit in NY and NJ.  We are thinking of you and hope soon everyone will be back to full power and have fresh drinking water.

BonaChia Fettuccine going into the boiling water
just 3 minutes from stove to table

I was scheduled to go NY to do several BonaChia® pasta demos at NYC Whole Foods Stores.   Those have been cancelled, but I’m still coming to NY to see where I can be of help.  I’m packing everything possible into my suitcase so I’m ready for any event.  Of course, I always pack pasta.

That got me to thinking, “What would I want in my pantry if we lost power?”  Since I have a gas cook top, which I can light with a match, I can still cook pasta.  Thinking in terms of what I would need using the principles of little, little, and lot or also a new favorite pasta, protein, and punch.  Little, little, lot means little pasta, little oil, and lots of veggies.  Pasta, protein, and punch means exatly what it says with the “punch” being ingredient combinations carrying lots of flavor.  Great to have a hand can opener, too.  Pantry items always available could be garbanzo or black beans, black or green olives, capers, dried tomato, nuts, and dried fruit.  We love recipes that integrate three ingredients, and a flavorful salad dressing or vinaigrette.  You can create a really simple, really delicious recipe at any time in case of emergency.

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