We love when food bloggers contact us, especially ones like April Aceto, from Food n’ Focus, that combine great recipes with incredible photography.  Another cute play on the Food N’ Focus theme is that her recipes are easy to prepare and focus on being light in calories.  Check out these great recipes, which of course can always be made using Al Dente Pasta!  We tried the recipe for Proscuitto, Olives, and Truffle Oil Pasta using our Golden Egg Pappardelle.  And it looks like this:


I followed April’s recipe exactly except I used Al Dente Pappardelle cooked for just 3 minutes.  I did not add tomato paste and the only other difference is I finished the dish with just a drizzle of truffle oil just before serving.  Smells delicious.  Time for lunch!

We think you’ll like it too.  And stay tuned for April’s pasta giveaway.  Details to follow.


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