Al Dente visitors witness family (husband, wife and sister) working side-by-side with loyal, long-time employees who are all true pasta experts. This proud legacy provides the inherent promise of homemade texture, quick cooking time and locally-sourced, American ingredients with every bag of Al Dente Pasta.

We have a great team of employees who have been with us for a long time.  So long that they feel like our Al Dente family.  My sister, Nanette, does a great job running things while Dennis and I are travelling and promoting Al Dente Pasta all over the world.  We appreciate all the hard work they do and say a big heartfelt thanks!  Here’s some photos from our family album of our great team.  Thanks to all for the hard work they do!

Making the pasta.

Separating the pasta.

Drying the pasta.

We also have a great packaging, and shipping department.  Thanks to everyone at Al Dente who works so hard, we love our team. 

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