Al Dente Gluten Free Pasta
photo by Jerika Tillman

Free of Gluten, Full of Flavor!

Let me tell you. It’s not easy to make Gluten Free Pasta! Especially since we have very high standards and we are adamant about not putting our name on a product that did not meet all of our criteria.

But finally, after 2 years of experimenting, look what we achieved!

1. Made in Michigan…

2. Cooks in 3 minutes…

3. Nutritious-6 grams protein, 7 grams fiber…

4.  Great Ingredients: Made with Michigan White Bean Flour and Brown Rice Flour…

5. Kosher…

7. GMO free…

8. Made in Certified Gluten Free Pasta Factory…

9. Packed in a cool, resealable pouch….

9. It even tastes good!

Now our challenge is getting it on store shelves. Let your favorite store owners know about it. Everywhere you go, write up those cute little product request forms that stores really take into account. And, when you do see it in a store, be sure to send us a picture or message as to where. 

8 thoughts on “introducing our new gluten free pasta!”

  1. The chia pasta is the most delicious pasta I have ever had. Even including Italy.
    Will keep on buying it. I don’t remember where I bought it. Perhaps World Market or Home Goods.
    Thank you for this gift. And, Im normally not a pasta lover!!!

  2. I found your products at one of my favorite shops, Chase St. Market in Plymouth, NH! I tried the GF Garlic Parsley and the GF Spinach and loved them both. It is challenging to find GF pasta made without corn. Thank you for making a great tasting quality product!

  3. Jennifer Anderson

    Our daughter has Celiacs so we are always looking for great gluten free pasta. We found these when we were at Pensacola beach last summer and haven’t been able to find them since. Would love to know where we can get more near Scottsboro AL!

  4. Melissa Sanchez


    I LOVE these noodles and I sing good gluten free noodles has been difficult. We also can’t find them in store shelves (we are in San Jose, CA) and your web-site will not allow me to order them. Is there another location/way for me to order them?

    Thank you!!

  5. These are excellent gluten free pastas but I don’t find them in the store anymore. Are they still made? Looking for a store near Albany NY. Thanks!

  6. Al Dente Gluten-free Plant Based Lentil Sweet Potato Pasta Is my favorite pasta. Unfortunately, my local store doesn’t carry it anymore. I’ve tried ordering on Amazon multiple times but keep getting the wrong one sent so eventually gave up. Wish I could find a store that carried it close to me.

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