Introducing Adrienne Brady

Introducing Adrienne, our foodie friend who has “an always delicious and sometimes healthy” food blog that we love. Not only that, she is a wonderfully enthusiastic, personable and talented person who, by the way, recently had the most beautiful wedding!  Check out Adrienne’s recipe for Al Dente Pasta with Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce. Perfect for fall.

For fun we decided to require that our
Foodie Friends fill out a Mad Pasta Lib. Great job, Adrienne!

“I often cook pasta when the day of the week ends in ‘Y’ . My go-to dish is creamy garlic pappardelle with roasted cherry tomatoes­­­­­­­­­­­. I love to listen to music while I cook and sometimes I even dance with my dog. One of my favorite ingredients to use to give a pasta recipe some oomph is bacon!! I love everything about Al Dente Pasta but especially their Garlic Herb Pappardelle. I also love that Al Dente Pasta cooks in just three minutes. The most unusual ingredient I’ve used in a pasta dish is caramelized minced dates! The first time I heard Monique say OMG was when I was seven years old playing with her son and my sisters in our backyard. When I’m not cooking, I’m either styling and photographing food, running, drinking craft beer with my husband, or hiking with my dog. Oh, and I also have a day job as a marketing coordinator. If I had a claim to fame it would be my garlic mashed potatoes or my cajun shrimp tacos.

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