Meet Peggy Lampman!

She’s been around since the beginning…

“Monique and hubby Denny (the owners of Al Dente) have been friends of mine for decades. We got into the pasta business at the same time. In fact, the EXACT same time–1981. She was rolling out sheets of dough uptown at the same time I was extruding them downtown from a pasta machine the size of a Fiat I purchased from Florence. (That’s Florence, Italy, not Alabama). I can vouch that Al Dente Pasta is a delicate yet toothsome pasta like no other on the market–I use it all the time.”

…and she loves our new products!

“…Bonnetti, which holds up deliciously under the most demanding of circumstances after cooking five minutes to perfection.

Today requests a salad for a family reunion that will serve as a side for smoked chickens, and thrive under an August sun. The Bonnetti will soak up those yummy tomato juices and the acidity (and lack of mayo) keeps it “safe” insuring even the weeist of toddlers won’t suffer.

This new line of Piccolo Pasta makes for attractive, toothsome salads that are easy for guests to scoop from the bowl.”

Read the rest of the story and more of her recipes; visit Peggy’s blog here.

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