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Why does Al Dente cook more quickly than other pasta brands?

About 2-3 years ago, we partnered with another family company in Germany which has enabled us to expand both our production capacity and our capabilities, so that we can make new recipes and shapes of pastas that we have always wanted to make but haven’t been able to in our own production facility here locally. As such, you will find pastas in the market with a “Made in Germany” mark on the back when this product comes out of our partner factory.  We trust that the experience you had with any Al Dente Pasta is the same, delicious experience whether is it produced here in Michigan or in Germany (in the short term).

Did Dennis and Monique retire?

Yes, after 40 years of building the Al Dente brand they love, Dennis and Monique have decided it is time to move onto a new chapter in their loves — retirement. The chose to retire at a time right for them and have hand-picked the team that is now in place to take Al Dente into the next 40 years and beyond. Please know that Monique and Dennis have been leading the product development of all Al Dente pastas, whether they are made here in Michigan or made in Germany at the partner facility. They are closely involved with decisions to launch new recipes. Additionally, Dennis will continue to maintain relationships with industry partners and customers, as well as serve in as an advisory capacity on the company’s board.

Is Al Dente a German company now?

Al Dente Pasta is (and always has been) based in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. We continue to manufacture product in Whitmore Lake, MI today. We enjoy a partnership with Alb-Gold, which is a family-owned artisanal pasta company based in southern Germany. We make pasta in the same, traditional way as they do and share the same values. This partnership allows Al Dente to make more pasta and more types of pasta that we can currently make at our own Michigan facility.

Will you continue to make pasta in Michigan?

Currently, our local facility cannot keep up with the demand for our delicious pasta. With the help of Alb Gold, we are able to expand our production capacity and capabilities. As we continue to grow, it is our intention to invest in expanded capabilities here in Michigan. We look forward to being able to make all Al Dente Pasta in Michigan again.

What changes should we expect?

The names and faces involved in the day-to-day business may have changed, but the pasta remains the same. Monique and Dennis took care in selecting the team that they had built to lead the business forward into the future — specifically so that the customer and consumer experience would remain true to the Al Dente brand. You should expect that Al Dente will continue to innovate in the specialty pasta category. You should expect to have the same delicious, fresh-tasting pasta experience. And you should expect that we’ll be continuing to invest in the local Southeastern Michigan community. We will be ramping up expanded production capabilities here in Michigan before you know it.

Why does Al Dente cook more quickly than other pasta brands?

Because we roll out our pasta dough over and over again, just like you would do with a little hand-cranked pasta maker, we can get it nice and thin. That’s how we achieve our famous fresh texture and achieve an Al Dente texture in 3-5 minutes. 

How much is a serving size?

A serving size is based on 2 oz. of dry pasta measured most accurately by a weight scale.

2 oz. dried equals 1.5 cups dried.

Where can I buy Carba-Nada?

Al Dente Pasta can be found at many fine stores across the country. We do our best to keep our store locator up to date, but it’s a bit tricky. We often don’t know to which stores our distributors sell, nor do we always know which products each store carries. If you can’t find what you are looking for in a store, you can purchase from our online store or on Amazon

Can I purchase Al Dente in Canada?

Some of our classic pastas are available in Canada via our distributor, Gourmet Trading. Please get in touch with them through sales[at] or info[at] Carba-Nada is available online from TheLowCarbGrocery

Unfortunately, we are not able to ship from our factory to Canada at this time.

What is the Potassium and Phosphorus content in your pastas?

In our Classic pastas Made in Germany, the Potassium is 110 mg per 2 oz. of dry pasta

In our Piccolo Pasta Shapes, the Potassium is 90 mg per 2 oz. of dry pasta

Below are the Potassium per 2oz. of dry pasta for our Plant Based Pastas:

Green Pea Wild Garlic: 586mg

Red Lentil Sweet Potato: 410mg

Chickpea Turmeric: 630mg

Are your products GMO-free?

All of our ingredients are Non-GMO ingredients.

Does your factory use any tree nuts?

No, we are a nut-free facility.

Which forms of payment do you accept online?

Currently, we only accept Visa and MasterCard on our online store.


We strongly suggest ordering in quantities of 6 products, which is the size of one case. UPS charges the same to ship 6 bags as 5 bags, since they charge by volume. If you can order 12 (2 cases) or 18 bags (3 cases), the shipping costs per bag of pasta goes down even more.

You can mix and match your case.

If you have a business address you can ship to, it’s less expensive.

We can only ship single cases to PO boxes.


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