Creamy Tomato Basil Bonnetti with Sausage
  1. Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat, then add sausage and saute. Add onions and cook for 5-7 minutes, or until onions become translucent and sausage is browned & cooked through.
  2. While sausage and onions are cooking, bring water for pasta to a boil; add pasta once water is brought to a rolling boil.
  3. Add garlic to skillet and saute for 1 minute, then add wine and cook for additional minute.
  4. Add crushed tomatoes and cream to the skillet. Cover the pan and let simmer for 5-7 minutes. Uncover and cook several more minutes, until sauce has reached desired consistency.
  5. Stir in parmesan cheese and basil, and then add cooked pasta. Top with additional parmesan cheese, if desired, and serve.
  6. Enjoy!