Al Dente Pasta has moved!

After more than 30 years, it’s time for us to say goodbye to our location in Whitmore Lake. The memories we have made will live in our hearts forever, and we are thankful for having such a supportive community.

As we all know, growth comes with changes, and we are excited for a new episode of Al Dente Pasta. We are proud of the advancements and improvements that will benefit our business for years to come. ♥


Welcome to Al Dente

The year was 1980, and in the world of pasta, the times they were-a-changin’.  Almost overnight, Americans went from thinking of pasta as “spaghetti and meatballs” to seeking an array of shapes, flavors and recipes.  After witnessing this “Pasta Revolution” in NYC, Monique Deschaine had her aha moment, one that would change the trajectory of her life.  Why not make fresh pasta in her hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan?  But with a twist.  The twist would be to make pasta that cooked quickly, tasted fresh, but had the convenience of a dried pasta.  The 24-year-old novice entrepreneur was on a mission!

As often happens, the idea seemed perfect but the obstacles were many.  With a degree in psychology, Monique had never taken a business course, had no access to capital, was not Italian, and didn’t know the first thing about making pasta! 

Pasta for Every Taste & Lifestyle

Reduced Carb & High Protein

Homemade Taste & Texture

Gluten Free, Vegan & Organic

Tasty Rolled, Cut, Little Shapes

Tender but Firm Since 1981

Our Latest!

Our Carba-Nada Egg Fettuccine is indeed a perfect addition to your table, with its versatile shape, healthy attributes and delicious taste. We invite you to try this quick and tasteful recipe!

Linguine Clams-min-min
pumpkin fettuccine alfredo

Tips for the Perfect Pasta

With one bag of pasta, a few ingredients and a couple “tricks of the trade” even the most inexperienced cook can get a delicious dish of pasta on the table in minutes!


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